The following tools are provided by organizations who have reached out to SpunkyDiva Diaries directly
to support you or someone you know on their escape plan and healing journey.


ARTICLE: Secret Financial Escape Plan for Domestic Violence Victims

7 Steps to Build a Credit History, Quietly, Before Getting Out reached out to us asking to share this article with our SpunkyDiva Tribe! Victims of domestic violence often stay in situations much longer for financial reasons. (I was one of them!) So, to help they created a guide to help victims gain the financial independence needed to get away from their abusers safely and effectively.

article: starting over - How to rebuild your finances after escaping a financially abusive relationship reached out to us (repeatedly) asking if we would share this article with our SpunkyDiva Tribe. I have to admit I stayed in my narcissistic abusive marriage a few years longer than I wanted due to bouts of unemployment. The “power” in the marriage definitely “shifted” when I was unemployed vs. when I had a job…and definitely when I lost my 6-figure salary due to a layoff during the recession. Financial abuse occurs in 99% of all domestic violence cases and can take on many forms.

 Loose coins and a stack of coins are lying on a wooden table in front of a pink ceramic piggy bank. The selective focus is on the piggy banks face. The coins are bronze and silver and are to be deposited into the piggy bank as savings.


article: self care checklist & wellness printables for a better you

I was surprised to learn that Shari’s Berries has its own blog that covers a wide range of topics. I personally LOVE me some Shari’s Berries so I was excited when they reached out to me. Just in case you missed the blog post I did in our “Self-Care” category, I wanted to make sure this info was in a second place on the website. “Self-Care” is going to be a prominent theme and focus for SpunkyDiva Diaries in the year ahead! So stay tuned & check back often for more good info, tips and resources.

article: finding your financial footing after abuse

I came across this article on and thought that it was very well-written. In fact, I’ll be adding them to the Online Resources page! I know all to well that when your abuser is doing all he can to “control” every penny of every dollar coming into the household, it can feel impossible to escape or start over.

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