BO$$DIVA Interview:  Angel Renee, Owner - City Yoga Chicago/Chicago Yoga and Wellness

BO$$DIVA Interview: Angel Renee, Owner - City Yoga Chicago/Chicago Yoga and Wellness

The power of social media is truly amazing! It still continues to amaze me that you can make connections with people you've never even met through your interests, likes, passions, locations, "hashtags", etc. that you designate when you create a social account.

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I am originally from Chicago and while my yoga practice is in hibernation at the moment I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE me some yoga. I am a "yogi" at heart and if I could practice yoga 7 days a week with a guru like this BO$$DIVA I totally would! (I'm really bad at doing it at home by myself.) I will be the 1st to tell you that "YOGA SAVED MY LIFE!!" When I was in an abusive marriage with a narcissistic monster of a husband, yoga and a phenomenal instructor saved my life. I am determined to get back to my yoga practice soon! So when I came across a yoga studio in my beloved hometown of Chicago whose instructor/owner created an environmentally friendly yoga mat for kids in my favorite color - PINK - I had to connect with her!! I bought one of her pink zebra striped yoga mats because while it's "for kids" I'm a petite yogi so for home use it's perfect. I hope she tells you about that project...but more than that I hope you BUY ONE off of Amazon & give her a 5-star review!

SpunkyDiva Diaries loves supporting women small business owners! We're committed to telling the stories and journeys of women who for one reason or another start their own business. Our "BO$$Diva Interviews" focuses on highlighting a real, everyday woman making her dreams come true by being an entrepreneur. It's so vital for us to not only support other small businesses, but more importantly to support other BO$$DIVAS!

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Name:  Angel Renee

A Little Bit About Her:  Angel is a Mom of 3, animal lover, plant based for 30 years, and spiritual, but not religious. She believes in kindness and compassion. Angel lives her life out loud and with an open heart.

Her Life's Passions:  Angel's passionate about many things...kindness, love, gratitude, health, animals, the Earth, food that's worth devouring, conversation and cocktails, adventure, travel, and uplifting others.

Business Name:  City Yoga Chicago --> Chicago Yoga and Wellness

When She Started Her Business:  Angel formally started her business about 6 years ago as she was going through one of the most difficult times in her life. At that time, she and her husband were separated and headed towards divorce.

Brief Description of Business:  Besides having a degree in Communications, Angel is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, and provides Thai Massage. She wanted to offer a "whole" approach for her clients. Angel is able to guide them through nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, work/life balance and even relationships.

Why Go Into Business:  Angel started her business because she saw a need. Health and wellness have always been a passion of hers and she'd always taught yoga. Once Angel decided to formalize her plans to start her business that's when the growth happened.

Is It Her Only Business:   Angel recently started her own "white label" which is when you manufacture your own products under your business name. She's super excited about this because it allows her to provide high quality, eco-friendly products for a lower price than what's found in stores.

What Did She Do Before Going Into Business:  Angel was a stay at home mom for 10 years before she became a BO$$DIVA. She had been dabbling in yoga and online ventures, but nothing stuck at the time.

What Obstacles Did She Face:  Angel thinks the biggest obstacle for her and for many other female entrepreneurs is FEAR. Fear of failing. Fear of what others will think or say. (Amen to that!)

How Did She Overcome Them:  Angel realizes that FEAR was something that was unrationalized and it would stop her dead in her tracks! She journaled, meditated, and created a vision board. She did all the things to create a positive environment that could propel her forward.

How Do Customers Find You:  Every single one of her clients has found Angel on social media in one way or another...and through her website.

Some Of Her Favorite Brands/Products:  Angel has TONS of favorites...too many too list! She's a HUGE fan of eco-friendly products from skin care, to clothing, to natural remedies, etc.

Did She Always See Herself Doing This:  No, she didn't. Angel thought she'd always be a stay at home mom, raise her kids and figure something out down the road. Now, she's a WAHM (I had to Google that...means "Work At Home Mom" Lol), a boss mom, an entrepreneur...a serious BO$$DIVA...and she couldn't be happier!

Advice To Women Thinking Of Starting A Business:  First and foremost, FIND A MENTOR. Angel said her mentor changed her life!!  A mentor will help you climb that ladder, overcome obstacles, hold you accountable and encourage you to that you can succeed. 

Advice For Women Hesitant To Follow Their Dreams/Passions:  Angel would ask them: "What are you afraid of? Isn't trying better than sitting there and wishing you would've tried?" Feel empowered and strong in the amazing woman that you are!

Favorite Book That's Helped Her BO$$DIVA Journey:  Women That Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes (In fact, it's by Angel's bedside and she reads a little every night.)

Favorite Mentor/Quote or Mantra:  "What do you want to do? Now, let's figure out how to do it!" (Quote from her Mentor)

Social Media Platforms Used:  Facebook and Instagram primarily 

Words of Wisdom For Our Fellow BO$$DIVAS:  Standing in your power is the best gift you can give yourself!

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I truly hope the story of Angel's BO$$DIVA journey inspires you like it has me! And, it's not because we're both from the best city in the U.S. either! Her advice about finding a mentor is invaluable and so on point. What really resonated with me was the crossroads in her life where she decided to start her own business. How many of us women have our whole lives changed because of a divorce...and in my case leaving an abusive, toxic relationship? Like so many of us, Angel had to "reinvent herself" and seized the opportunity to follow her passions and earn a living doing it.

I personally know that FEAR has crippled me in the past from starting my own business and standing in my own power. That struck a chord with me and I hope I get to learn more about Angel and find ways to collaborate with her in the future. So thank you BO$$DIVA for sharing your story with our SpunkyDiva Tribe!

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Contact Info:
Phone:  312-841-0084
Facebook:  @CityYogaChicago
Instagram:  @City_Yoga_Chicago

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