Update - Dating Profile of a Narcissist

About a year ago I wrote the first post (READ IT HERE) on this topic of what a narcissist’s dating profile will sound and look like. I used my ex-husband’s as a prime example.

After seeing him on Bumble off and on over the past year…and even busting up one of his so called relationships, it’s come to my attention that he’s moved on to other dating sites. I guess he’s now on Match.com…and I’m sure there are others. For the record, I REALLY don’t care what he’s on as he trolls for his next victims. He found me on Yahoo Personals back in the day…and while he accused me of being a social media “addict” it is quite clear that he’s quite addicted himself.

This isn’t about a vendetta as much as it’s about exposing his narcissistic, pathological lying, manipulative narrative to unsuspecting women who may fall for his looks and charm. THEY are the ones I’m concerned about. Hopefully, they or their BFFs will Google him and if/when they do I’m sure they’ll find some interesting info.

But even if this just helps other women who are unsure about someone they are dating…and the profiles sound so similar, then I’m good with it.

Hmmmmm… just a few things that stood out on this one which I’d encourage ANY WOMAN to #FACTCHECK. DO a background check AND credit history y’all!! #IJS

  • Bachelor’s Degree / Howard University — Really?? Maybe he did go back & finish that last semester he needed for his degree since he’s so career ambitious now. Wonder if he’s paid the almost $80K undergrad student loans yet…

  • “I never smoke” — Ladies, he used to smoke weed but the more uppity he got he stopped.

  • 2 Kids — He has 2 sons who want NOTHING to do with him for very good reasons. He won’t win any “Father of the Year” or “Best Dad” awards ladies…sorry.

  • “In His Own Words” — Two words ladies… pathological liar. Don’t believe the “honest & loyal” act one bit. Also, the part about having the “utmost respect for women and believe they should be treated as The Queens they are…” is complete & utter bullshit. He will tell you in a heartbeat that EVERY woman he has ever been with has “lied & cheated” on him. He was verbally, mentally, emotionally, psychologically abusive…and yes, he has laid his hands on loved ones & a woman. He treats you like a queen so long as you "live inside HIS box” and obey all his rules. It’s always “his way or the highway.” He has mastered the “art of projection” so listen carefully to what he says.

  • He has no problem communicating his feelings — Translation: He will tell you how he feels, what he likes or doesn’t like about what you did, said, etc. and expect you to conform to his way of thinking or doing things.

  • I have no problem letting you know that you are wrong in the most respectful way — First of all, WTF?!?! Girl, one word of advice: RUN!!! You better NOT think you can do the same thing to him. Even when he is clearly in the wrong… good luck getting him to own, admit, take accountability…much less apologize for it!

As I said — read the other dozen or so posts about my EIGHT years with this man. Narcissists prey on empaths, strong, independent, intelligent partners.

Last words of advice (besides “RUN!”): IF you decide to date this one, don’t trust him. Not that you have anything to hide, but password protect ALL your personal belongings and just know he has no qualms invading your privacy. Set clear boundaries from the START. Ohhhh, and get a good understanding/read on his relationship with his female BFF (Roberta — there’s a blog post about her too!). Find out if they still have a “too close for comfort friendship” and share a credit card together. And, KNOW that despite what he says, he and I still co-own that house he lives in. Sure, he pays all the bills but half the HOA fees. But, my name is still on everything!