12 Months of Self-Care - August Reconnecting With Friends, Family & The Dentist

I can’t believe summer is almost over! It flew by way too fast. The first 6 months were a blur due to my demanding work life. I was pretty anti-social for the first half of the year. I didn’t really “get out” much and socialize which is so NOT like me! I was cranky and just burned out. I had an attitude when it came to my Sorority duties and obligations. I hadn’t even taken a vacation all year and it was clear I needed one BAD!

So, in August I decided it was time to change that. I couldn’t make excuses and blame work any longer. I had to get out of this anti-social “funk” and reclaim the “Laura” that my friends & family were missing. On Aug 10th, I attended a Sorority retreat and actually really enjoyed it! Later that same day, I went to a girlfriend’s cookout at her house that turned into a Jamaican backyard feast - oxtails, curry, jerk, sorrel, etc. You name it….she had it! On Aug 11th, a Sorority sister and I went to a Fraternity’s end of summer BBQ. We had a great time and our Phrat brothers showed us mad Phirst Pham love and hospitality.

Unfortunately, August wasn’t “all FUN” since I had a couple dentist appointments to take care of some cavities. I had put off going to the dentist for almost a decade. I started going back for dental care last year. I started with a cleaning and let them do one cavity filling. But, when they were talking about two more appointments that would be 2+ hours each…I was like “Nawwwww, that’s OK!” However, I realized I’d put it off as long as I could. I want to get my teeth whitened and I won’t do it until all this dental work is done! Sometimes… #SELFCARE involves handling things we put off and procrastinate due their anti-fun nature!

Chanel Themed Luxe Brunch at Station 4 - Washington D.C.

Chanel Themed Luxe Brunch at Station 4 - Washington D.C.

OK, back to the FUN stuff! On Aug 18th, I attended a “Luxe Brunch” that my girlfriend Adina Angel from NYC put on at a swanky DC restaurant. She runs a company called “Cupcakes & Cigars” and puts on high luxury events for women. A couple girlfriends and I attended her Chanel-themed brunch. I’ve gone to a couple others that were more “high afternoon tea” but she just keeps getting better & better with her events! I encourage every woman reading this to follow her & catch her events in a city near you!

On Aug 23rd, I went to a crab feast that one of my best friends “told” me I was going to! Don’t you love it when your (older) best girlfriends just “TELL” you what you are or aren’t going to do…and cuz you love them so much and have mad respect you listen and comply?!?! Lol This is the BFF that’s in the wrong…Oooops, I mean “other” sorority as you and is also involved in a non-profit to help young boys learn valuable life skills through a music choir. So, it was the non-profit’s annual fundraiser. When I was married, she took me under her wing and I used to go to all her events just to get me out of the house. It has been a few years now since I’ve gone to any. So, it was time to go to one and reconnect again!

The crab feast experience is a Maryland thing…if you’ve never done it it’s a must. But, this SpunkyDiva isn’t really into it. It’s just too much work for too little crab meat! But, the banquet hall puts out a ton of other buffet food so I am really going to mingle, dance and have FUN. It was good to see some familiar faces and I danced WAY TOO MUCH!

By the end of August, it was time to do one of my life’s passions — TRAVEL!!

When one of my cousin’s came in town for a work trip, she gave me the guilt trip that I hadn’t visited her yet in Austin, TX. Actually, I’ve never been to Austin but have always heard it’s such a nice city. The other thing my cousin said to plead her case for me coming was that I hadn’t met her awesome husband Steve yet! Mind you this was not the first time she’s pleaded with me in the past year or so.

So, on her most recent visit I went ahead and looked up flights, found a relatively cheap one (I had some travel funds to use up), and booked a flight to Austin, TX for a long Labor Day weekend. To say she was ecstatic is an understatement!! I knew she has two dogs and since I’m allergic I was a little apprehensive. Actually, my allergies ended up kicking my butt in Austin in general. Who knew Austin, TX was so “green” with trees, grass, hills, etc.?!?! My entire goal was just to explore the city, EAT, DRINK, SMOKE CIGARS and have FUN!!

Well, I had a total BLAST! Here are just a few pics from my Austin trip. As you can see, despite being allergic I couldn’t get away from the pups.

Before I even left for Austin, I had an invitation to Detroit that I couldn’t resist for a 2nd trip. Back to back trips were going to be a little challenging…but hey #YOLO RIGHT?!?! I was not going to have #FOMO looking at my friend’s pictures as he was living it up there without me. Tickets were cheap and he assured me that I’d be in very good hands. He wanted to show me a Detroit I had never known existed…and he did just that! We had the most amazing view from the 48th floor. Windsor, Canada was right across the river! We ate, drank, smoked and explored the city together. It’s a trip that I will NEVER forget…and I look forward to going back.

Here are just a few highlights:

We’re 8 months into this #SELFCARE series now. I hope I’ve shown the different ways to exercise good, healthy and positive self-care. I’m not sure what the last four months have in store… I still want to try a local salt cave. And, I definitely need another massage (or two!). I’ve already got another trip planned for early November to a Midwest city I’ve never been to so I’m excited about that. The holidays will be fast approaching so who knows what’s going to pop up.

If any of you have suggestions, feel free to email me at spunkydivadiaries@gmail.com!