12 Months of Self-Care -June Brought Back My Inner Yogi

1-On-1 Yoga Therapy

This month I decided to go back to one of my favorite local #selfcare havens - Journey Within Wellness Center - for some 1:1 Yoga Therapy. They offer an initial 60-minutes yoga consultation for $25 and then afterwards you can choose to sign-up for more sessions to become a frequent yogi.

I have really been wanting to get back to yoga since I left my narcissistic ex-husband. Yoga had saved my life amidst all the chaos and hell I went through while still married to him. It helped me tremendously deal and cope with my massive amount of stress I was under. There is no questioning the tremendous mind, body and soul benefits to yoga!

I have tried to join gyms that offer yoga and have looked at countless yoga studios in my local area. Since I battle with fibromyalgia, my body can only handle very light, gentle forms of exercise now. So, yoga classes were too fast or advanced (even Level 1 classes). I couldn’t hold the poses for too long. My wrists would hurt. My knees would be killing me. I felt my body just resisting and fighting me through the whole class. Yoga studios don’t always offer “gentle” yoga or restorative yoga classes. If they do, they were always on days and times that didn’t work for my schedule.

So, then I tried You Tube videos and yoga DVDs that I could at home in my living room. By the time I tried these methods, I was pretty discouraged. I had the same issues with some of the poses. I also couldn’t stay motivated at all…or disciplined to keep doing it. I like the social interaction - even if it’s just with the instructor - of going to a class. I felt like such a total failure. And, for a time I just gave up!

self love.jpg

But, I am really trying to stay committed to taking better care of my WHOLE self. So I decided to try 1-on-1 yoga therapy at my favorite #self-care wellness center.

First of all ladies, I had NO IDEA my instructor was male and cutie pie! His name is Eagan (I may have misspelled that) and although he said he’s only been doing yoga for a little over 6 months he is definitely very good at it.

I’ve only had one session with him (my back went out on the day I was supposed to go for my 2nd session). I paid $25 for my first session/consultation. We still did a full 60 minutes to see where I am and what my body would handle. We challenged it, but eased up where necessary. OHHHH, I was one sore chica that weekend! I felt it later that same night as the 1st session. And, the next few days I was super sore. But, it still felt AWESOME to be back something that brought me so much joy! It was a “good” pain if there’s ever such a thing. I was proud of myself more than anything.

After that first session, I had the option to buy 3 additional sessions for $150. I did it right then and there! It’s so worth it to have your own personal yoga class that is customized to YOU and YOUR BODY. When I’m done with those 3 sessions, I’ll be buying another set. You can schedule them around your schedule. If you want to go weekly or every other week, then do so.

YOGA is one of those things that just feeds my spirit and my soul. So is myofascial release therapy…they both really help me get “in tune” with myself.

I encourage everyone of you reading this to find the yoga class that’s right for YOU. If it’s in a studio class setting, great. If it’s one-on-one like me, then great! If it’s at home via online, TV or DVD, then that’s cool too. I can’t over emphasize the benefits of yoga enough to your mind, body, spirit and soul.

It saved my life once…and trust me it will save you too!