12 Months of Self-Care - February Is All About Self-Love


Although the month of February has passed by a week or so, I want to share how life sometimes runs you so ragged you don’t know whether you’re going or coming. Well, welcome to my February!

Last month is literally a “blur” except for the fact that I know I was in Cancun for work during Valentine’s week. Oh, I was also sick for about 6 weeks with the upper respiratory plague that’s been going around.

So…my act(s) of #SelfCare were all about loving myself enough to KNOW when to REST my body! There were things I wanted to do and events I wanted to go to. But, when your job and life is running you ragged, you have to love yourself enough to just BE STILL and rest.

Another thing I did, which I don’t hesitate to do anymore, is distance yourself from anyone or anything who disrupts your peace. When you’ve been through hell and back like I have, whether it’s a girlfriend, female acquaintance, coworker or someone you are interested in dating…I will back up in a New York minute!

I truly just don’t have the patience or time to waste anymore on nonsense. I don’t do conflict or drama. I don’t do lies and dishonesty. I don’t need to know someone’s every move…neither will they ever know mine. But, if you had plans or tentative plans with me and tell me “A” and then “B” ends up happening (without me)…and you choose not to tell me about it, then we have a problem. What makes it worse is when I find out about these things from another female.

When you find things out about a person you have to consider the sources and then “readjust” your disposition towards them accordingly. I firmly believe that things “happen for a reason” and “what’s done in the dark will come into light.” And when that happens, I just sit back and observe. I choose whatever is in my best interest and cut loose that which isn’t.

Any form of self-care and self-love that starts or ends with choosing YOU is a winner!

Stay tuned for March’s self-care adventure!

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