Guuurl Podcast: Women Who Smoke Cigars Are Sexy Too

A few months ago I was contacted by You Tube’s “Guuurl! Podcast” creator, Karen Kreams, to join her and other cigar divas for a taping on women who smoke cigars…are SEXY too! (You damn straight we are!!)

We taped the episode(s) on December 15th at the cigar lounge I go to - Tobacco Leaf. It’s close to my home and I actually share a locker there with my BFF. We had so much fun that Karen ended up turning the taping into two episodes.

Our “Guuurl” talk definitely covered the gambit of cigars from how we each got started smoking them, what our preferences are, the differences in cigars… Watch the videos for an entertaining “cigars 101” education and a whole lot more!


Guuurl, we're going to cut up and have a ball while telling you everything you need to know about smoking cigars. If you have questions, we have the answers.

Did you enjoy Part 1? Weren’t we hilariously funny…and fabulously SEXY?!?! Well… if you enjoyed Part 1, then you definitely want to check out Part 2! Don’t forget to subscribe to Karen’s podcast and check out her episodes on other “hot” Guuurl topics.

Guuurl, we're about to fire up these cigars, relax, and tell you everything you need to know about how to get started with cigars, what to do, and how to do it.

Here’s the link to Karen’s “Guuurl Podcast” on YouTube:

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