Telling This Truth (Act 1): Where I'm From - the Sacred Writings

On June 21, 2018, I participated in a theatrical event along with nine other survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. Months before the event we met for the 1st time and embarked on a roller coaster journey together that would forever bond us. 


Folks who could not attend or were too far away to attend have been asking me to share what I wrote. So here are my parts and contribution to Act 1. It doesn't do any justice to the entire piece and if I can share the video when I get a copy, I will. Until you go:

I am from the BIG House on a hill across the only golf course in Gary.
I am from the huge weeping willow tree in our back yard.
I am from Margarita y su corazon...the love of her life...Ricardo Moreno.
I am from Mexico and the Midwest.
I am from home-cooked Mexican food in the basement of our home. 
My Granny's menudo. The arroz y frijoles.
Her tamales and chilaquiles.
I am from "marrying" my stepdad at 3-years old with my mom.
Being carried across the threshold in my Daddy's arms.

I am from baking in the kitchen with my mommy.
(Making) Hot apple pies with LOTS of cinnamon;
Kolache cookies with the raspberry & apricot jam in the middle.
I am from my Dad's deliciously BIG greasy breakfasts.
His ribs were PERFECTION on a bone needing NO sauce.
His southern fried chicken from a brown paper bag (Mmmm Mmmmm!)

I am from wearing a navy-blue dress with white polka dots...
Being snatched off my grandfather's lap.
The "monster" in our family.
I am from a legacy of abuse, brokenness, secrecy...the deafening silence.

I am from malignancy...
Classroom filled mostly with 50 shades of chocolate faces
And there, I am asked "WHAT ARE YOU?"

I am from wondering..."Did the MONSTER ever touch me?!?!"
I am from wondering..."HOW did I know the things that ONLY grown-ups should know?"

I am from drywall dust and construction sites
"Business" running through my soul...
Preferring to play "office" over "house."

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