Daddy's Little Girl - A Tribute to My Dad

You came into my life at two and half with a heart full of love.
Your generous smile, your gentle spirit, the kindest of all souls.
You "wooed" my mommy with Geno's pizzeria.
And asked her what exactly you could do for lil' ole me.
She thought for a minute...then quickly replied.
"My Mija needs a swing set."

You didn't bat an eye...or stop to think twice.
Next thing you know
Baby Girl here was swinging in style
Before you knew it...
You popped the "BIG" question and married us in style.

I remember that day like it was yesterday
I wasn't feeling well...
Had a slight fever, if I do tell
But a little temperature didn't stop "our" show
"WE" had a wedding
"WE" got married on Sept 6th, 1974
You even carried me over the threshold!

All the while I REFUSED to call you anything other than "Bob"
Yet, you wasted no time despite my stubborn side
You quickly did what only a "REAL MAN" would do
You adopted this little Latina girl and gave her your name.
Now, I don't recall the exact day you went from "Bob" to "Dad"
But, I do know that day had to have warmed your soul!

Through our UPS and DOWNS
And 30 plus years later
I have always been and will always be

And now that you're gone
I never missed hearing those 3 words as much as I do now
I close my eyes and see your smile
I see the warmth in your eyes
I miss you waving with your 4-finger hand - your "stub"

I miss your perfect BBQ ribs that needed no sauce
I miss your big greasy breakfasts
I miss your fried chicken from a brown paper bag
I miss the smell of freshly caught fish from your overnight trips
I miss the catfish in our kitchen sink and coolers full of other spoils
I miss our family fishing trips together and you baiting my hook
I miss oatmeal cookies and countrytime lemonade
I miss playing cards with you as a family

I miss you so much and ALL the special "Father/Daughter" moments we shared
I miss hearing your voice
I have missed sharing my life with you these past 12 years
I have missed flying home to see you and spoil you for the weekend


I AM "Daddy's Baby Girl"

Written By:  Laura Moreno-Davis
Date: November 2007