Cured Table & Tap: Two "Foodie" Cousins Dining Local

What do you do when your family comes in town and you both LOVE good food & great drinks? The foodie in me had to research where to take her. I had just told someone that I needed to get to this place and check it out. So when things didn't quite work out for our original plans, this was a great backup!

Cured Table & Tap is an exciting new restaurant in Columbia, Maryland that brings back fond memories of the neighborhood corner bar and the relaxing atmosphere that is created when good friends, great drinks, and classic comfort foods come together.

From the list of exceptional craft beers, to the creative cocktails, to the satisfying menu, CURED is all about crafting a laid back experience while still elevating the pairing of comfort food and thirst quenching drinks. Their goal is for every guest to feel as relaxed as if they were at their grandmother’s house (assuming their grandmother makes amazing craft cocktails and delicious food).

They also have a prohibition era supper club right next door to it called "18th & 21st" with live music, elevated dining, and speakeasy inspired cocktails. We did not get to experience it or even see the location. I have not seen or heard much about it at all other than what I saw on the website. Not sure what type of music or entertainment they have, but I do plan on going back to check it stay tuned for a follow-up blog post!

Well, my cousin and I had a GREAT time and enjoyed our dinner there. We didn't order anything too heavy, but liked everything we did have. I look forward to going back for another visit and trying something else. 

Check out a few pics from our visit!

Cured | 18th & 21st
10980 Grantchester Way, Suite 110
Columbia, MD 21044
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