Love Letters Of A Narcissist - Vol. 4

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They can come across so charming and romantic during their grooming and love bombing phases! Looking back I can't believe what a fool I was to have "bought" all the LIES that he was selling. I couldn't see him for what he really was because I was drowning in grief after the loss of my dad and in a new state clear across the country.

My goal is to expose #narcissists, educate as many women as possible, and advocate for better/more resources to bring light to this topic!

Enjoy a few more "love letters" from my "beloved" NarcX. Mind you, he took FULL CREDIT for writing these, but as you'll see that was yet another LIE.

ILY (aka "I Love You")
Dated: 3/24/2008

You came into my life unexpectedly,
and everything took a turn for the better.
Your warm eyes, your laugh,
the sincere way you speak,
and the kindness you showed me,
all became a part of my life.

As you unfolded yourself to me,
I discovered more and more beauty.
I have never seen so much
gentleness in one person.
Without even knowing it,
you were slowly making a place
for yourself in my heart.

It used to seem so hard at times
to feel so close in a relationship.
But it's so easy to feel close to you.
I can't tell you how nice that feels.
I realize now that I had never known
what it meant to be loved
until I was loved by you.

Fake Author:  Charles Clifford Hill, Jr. (aka NarcX)
Real Author: Laura Baker
Source: Love Poems & Quotes - 
Love Poem #81

ILY (aka "I Love You")

Words twist and tumble
Through my mind
But I can't grab the right word
Or the right line
So we sit
In silence
But it's not uncomfortable
In fact I love it
You rest your heard on my chest
As we lay here
Lovers entwined
Hearts tangled
Your raise your head
And look into my eyes
And I see our love
Almost as if it's a real force
I don't ever want to lose this moment
You lay your head on my chest once again
And now I can feel your heartbeat
And my hears skips
And I finally find the words I'm looking for
I love you

Fake Author:  Charles Clifford Hill, Jr.
Real Author:  Stephen Piekuta
Source:  Love Poems & Quotes - 
Love Poem #113

ILY (aka "I Love You")


As my mind plans my future, I see us forever
When I write my wedding vows, I promise I will love you forever
Your kisses and love last forever
I came into this knowing that we we would be together, forever
God wrote and planned us forever
Baby, whatever forever could never be a forever without you.
I will love you forever.

Author:  Charles Clifford Hill, Jr
Note:  I couldn't find that this one was plagiarized,
so he may have actually written it.

ILY ("I Love You")

If I could have just one wish
It would be to wake up everyday
to the sound of your breath on my neck,
the warmth of your lips on my cheek,
the touch of your fingers on my skin,
and the feel of your heart beating with mine...
Knowing that I could never find that feeling
with anyone other than you.

Fake Author:  Charles Clifford Hill, Jr.
Real Author: Courtney Kuchta

That's enough for now...I have enough to probably do another 2-3 volumes from just one journal. I have yet to go through the countless of others from over the 8 years of hell with my NarcX. This is healing for me and like taking a little bit more of my voice and power back!

Thank you for reading and I hope it helps wake someone up to the depths of the lengths a narcissist will go to hoover and love bomb you into their control.