SpunkyDiva Book Review: Jellybeans From Heaven

Written by Dr. Sylvia Traymore Morrison

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How many of you love the rainbow colors and tastes of jelly beans? I'm sure we each have a favorite flavor and colors we gravitate to since childhood.

A good friend of mine surprised me with this book "Jellybeans From Heaven." I was surprised to learn who the author was since I'd met her at a comedy show in the DMV area some months back. You see, the author is the country's first renowned African American female impressionist and has graced the entertainment industry for 50 years! She has hosted at the Apollo Theater in New York, worked as an associate writer on Saturday Night Live (no small feat for a woman, much less an African American woman!), and performed for & with countless of entertainers, including the late Whitney Houston. Dr. Morrison was honored at the 2017 Indie Author Legacy Awards, where she received the Maya Angelou Lifetime Achievement Award. She is definitely a woman of many, many talents! 

So it surprised me that she'd written this, but let me tell you one thing - READ IT! The book is a captivating, quick-read that weaves several "mini-stories" into a heart warming book that will have you both smiling and maybe a little teary-eyed as you remember a loved one you've lost. I read it cover to cover on a road trip from Maryland to Virginia Beach last month. It took me about an hour if that and I enjoyed every page of it!

The book explores the wonders of Heaven and God's magnificent purpose for everything, including jellybeans! Dr. Morrison's masterful story-telling ability connects you to each and every character and story in the book. You will start to remember your own "jellybeans" that have been dropped down to you from loved ones in heaven. 

This inspirational book is a faith-enriching tale of love, tragedy, hope, and redemption. It will definitely make you look at your own life and of those you've lost in death. Keep a few tissues handy as you latch on to characters who've perhaps asked many of the same questions you have about God, life and life after death. 

It's descriptive narration of what heaven could be like was part Wizard of Oz mixed with a Pixar animation film. Meet Carlie, a new arrival in Heaven, and discover how God uses a tiny sugary treat to answer prayers and manifest miracles. If nothing else, you'll end the book reminded of how God not only hears our prayers, but has very unique ways of answering and responding to them. 

I will truly never look at another jellybean the same again!

You won't either, so get your copy and enjoy "Jellybeans From Heaven" by Dr. Sylvia Traymore Morrison.  

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