Love Letters Of A Narcissist - Volume 2


How did you enjoy Volume 1? I'm sure you can think of some "sweet nothings" your NarcX whispered in your ear, wrote you, and said in a Hallmark card during your time together.

In fact, I'm writing this on Valentine's Day and I know from seeing Facebook group posts earlier today that some of you received cards, flowers, phone calls, etc. from your NarcX's.

Luckily, I did not, but if you did and it left you reeling, confused, angry or emotional - I highly encourage you to read our February 7th post on how to get over a narcissistic relationship. 

So, let's continue this month of "LOVE" with a few more love letters from my NarcX. Looking back, he was REAL GOOD to be so full of #%!@&* and lie so easy and naturally. Sometimes he would write these himself and other times he would copy someone else's work but send it to me with some mushy line of B.S. 

"My Vow To You Mrs. Hill"
Written: March 12, 2008

I know you're going crazy,
I've been there too.
I can see how the weight is making your knees bend,
Let me take some of it from you.
Don't keep yourself closed off,
I am here for you to open up and let go.
There is so much you can't forget or forgive,
Let me help you cope, we can work things out together.
I hear the pain in your voice,
You need me now.
Don't worry, I'll move heaven and hell to get there.
You can't talk, you won't talk about it,
I understand.
Put your worries in my hands.
Lay your head down,
And believe that I will do anything to stop your nerves.
You're ready to give up, you've stopped,
I want to be able to give you the strength to keep going.
Link arms with me, Let's move on,
As one living, breathing, loving, being.
Know that you can put faith in me.
I will be your rock, I will be your dwelling,
I am here with you, for you always.
--Author:  Alissa Krull
--Sent From: Charles Hill Jr.

"Daily Dose of ILU (I Love U)"
Written:  March 13, 2008

I Love You
Just three little words,
don't seem like enough
for someone whose smile
still brightens my day,
whose touch can make me forget
the rest of the world.

They don't seem like enough
for someone who's always been there
to celebrate with me
when everything goes my way
and to hold my hand
when my whole world
seems to fall apart.

But even though "I Love You"
can't express the depth
of my feelings for you.
I hope you know what's in my heart.
Because loving you
means more to me than anything in the world
and it always will.
--Author: Brynne S.

P.S. Laura, I miss you and love you very much...hurry back home.
aka "NarcX"

Written:  March 13, 2008


I was here at work just thinking of you. I am very blessed to have such a wonderful wife, partner, soulmate, best friend, and supporting love. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you very much and I will continue to do so for life. Pray, productive, and positive = "3P"

Love you!


Good...ain't he?!?! You have no idea! It gets better - just you wait! 

I may have not heard from my NarcX today, but he was certainly good at giving me flowers from time to time and sweet, romantic cards "just because." I'd get these love-filled emails and texts almost daily during those early years. He was pretty good at "buying" forgiveness with nice, expensive gifts, dinners, and trips. 

But never forget those gestures for what they are really about or for the LIES that they are covering up! Narcissists are charming, charismatic, attractive and they can even be "romantic," but it's all to "woo" you - aka "Love Bomb" you into staying, going back or giving them "one more chance."

Don't forget to read our other series of posts this month on the MOST IMPORTANT kind of L-O-V-E...#SELFLOVE! Enjoy our self-love/self-care tips, ideas and suggestions.