History & Luxury: The Watergate Hotel - Washington, DC

As a corporate marketing #BossDiva, I often have to plan events for my company. In early March, I had to coordinate a VIP dinner for about 20 people. There was no other place other than the Presidential Suite at The Watergate Hotel that my CEO wanted to have for the location! He insisted he wanted it there and was determined to get there.  I worked my #BossDiva magic and made it happen. That’s what a #marketingqueen does after all, right?!?! 

So, if you’re not from DC let me give you a little history on the hotel itself. Its name is synonymous with the country’s biggest political scandal. But, it’s been causing scandal in DC since it was designed by celebrity Italian architect Luigi Moretti. The hotel’s curvy, sprawling design sent shock waves through a very conservative, government-focused DC at the time. Nevertheless, it became a playground for the rich and “fabulous” – from Hollywood celebs to the political elite. 

Its glamourous reputation was marred with scandal in 1972 when 5 intruders were caught in the (Democratic National Convention) DNC’s headquarters and lead to the resignation of then president Richard Nixon.

A more detailed timeline and history account can be found here: https://www.thewatergatehotel.com/hotel/history

Let me say, from the moment you pull up to the hotel next to the historic Watergate sign until you say goodbye, this property and its staff know how to give you a one-of-a-kind experience!  It has one of the BEST panoramic views of Georgetown & DC. The Watergate Hotel is truly ICONIC in every sense of the term and a "must-see" if you're in the area.