An Interview With Expert Hairstylist & Colorist - Alvienia Bell

Owner of Blue Velvet Studio


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Ladies, you and I know that a good hair stylist (and nail tech) is more than worth her weight in gold! When we find one that know how to work with our hair, knows what she's doing and makes us look & feel FABULOUS, we will follow her to the ends of the earth!

Well, when I moved to Maryland from Chicago it took me a while to find such a "unicorn"! Then, one day shortly before going on vacation to Jamaica I decided to walk into this beauty store that had a salon in the back and I stumbled upon my now hair guru extraordinaire and good friend.

At the time my hair was well past my shoulders, but the day I met her I asked her to cut it all off! That's how we started our relationship almost 10 years ago now and I have followed her around to 4 different locations.

I can't tell you all how much I love this woman! She's originally from New York and every time we're together people think we're sisters (or at least related)! I love going to see her every 3 weeks and I've met 3-4 other clients of hers that I've bonded with. We like to think we're her "V.I.P. Favorite Clients"! She's one fly Diva that has a ton of style, sass and tremendous talents in her crafts of hair and makeup.

One thing SpunkyDiva Diaries is committed to is telling women's stories and our "BO$$Diva Interviews" will focus on highlighting a real, everyday woman making her dreams come true by being an entrepreneur. Enjoy this first story and stay tuned for more!

Name: Alvienia Bell

A Little Bit About Her: Alvienia is a hairstylist, salon owner, boss mom, and now a student!! She hails from Queens, NY and landed down in the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia)! She loves EVERYTHING beauty related. Alvienia began her career as a freelance makeup artist and continued on to hair. She loves color, blowouts, and pixies!

Her Life's Passions: She's passionate about all things beauty, fashion and cooking! She also loves art, music and a great book.

Business Name: Blue Velvet Hair Studio

Brief Description of Business: She provides hair and makeup services, specializing in color, pixies (short hair styles) and blowouts.

Why Did You Go Into Business: Alvienia decided after working for other salons that she wasn't getting the overall satisfaction of the vibe and client experience that she wanted.

Is It Your Only Business?: Nope, Alvienia is also a health and wellness ambassador for "ItWorks" which provides health supplements for balanced living.

What Were You Doing Before You Started Your (1st) Business: She worked in the mortgage industry.

What Obstacles Has She Faced: Alvienia says the obstacles are ENDLESS! Appointment cancellations, low inventory, clients that aren't steady, little to no profit at times, low marketing budget...etc.

How Has She Overcome Them: She remains positive and is committed to giving the BEST hair care and hairstyles to her loyal client (like me!) so they can be walking advertisements for her! She also takes plenty of classes to continue her education and stay on trend!

How Do Customers Find You: Most find her on Instagram @bluevelvethairstudio on the web at and by referrals from existing clients.

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What Are Some of Your Favorite Brands/Products: While she could go on and on, Alvienia shared her "Top 5" in hair, makeup and skincare.

Hair: Morrocan Oil, Matrix, Hair Elements, Kenra and Affirm

Makeup: Fenty Beauty, NARS, Maybelline, Milani and Becca

Skincare: ItWorks, The Ordinary, Sunday Riley, Laniege, and Dr. Dennis Gross

Did You Always Want to Do What You're Doing Now? She always wanted to be in the beauty industry. Alvienia says she always used to do her friends' hair in the kitchen when she was a teenager.

What Advice Would You Give Other Women Who Might Be Thinking of Starting Their Own Business: "It takes 15 years to become a success. You have to pay your dues in every field. Be extremely detail oriented, make wise money decisions, and give great service every single day. Remember, you are running your own race, so even if it looks like other people are surpassing you, don't focus on them...focus on YOU!"

What Advice Would You Give Other Women Who May Be Hesitant To Follow Their Dreams or Passions: "If not now...then WHEN?!?! Start reading business related books, begin to follow the careers of people in the industry that you are interested in. STEP OUT ON FAITH!!"

Favorite Book Or Resource That's Helped You On Your Journey To BO$$DIVA Greatness:

  • Boss Bitch and Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapin

  • Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso

  • You Are A Badass and You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero

Favorite Mentor/Quote/Mantra: "The motivation for me was them telling me what I could not be." - Jay Z

Social Media Platforms Used: Instagram & Facebook

Any Other Advice For Our SpunkyDiva Tribe Aspiring To Be BO$$DIVAS?

Be the best version of your self daily! Take care of your hair, get those treatments at the salon, we aren’t just trying to steal your money, they have a purpose! Take care of your skin...follow the K-Beauty regimen...when I tell you it is so worth it...I’ll post about it soon! Take care of your don’t have to become a vegan....just cook with excellent ingredients and you’ll feel better!

So if you're in the DMV area and in need of a bomb a$$ hairstylist who knows how to work with any and every type of hair...and specializes in color, healthy hair care, blow outs, and amazing cuts...then I urge you to stop playing & contact my girl, Alvienia!

Just check out her social media sites or website for pictures of her work.

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Phone: 443-744-5860

Facebook: @BlueVelvetHairStudio

Instagram: @bluevelventhairstudio

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Our "BO$$Diva Interviews" focus on highlighting a real, everyday woman making her dreams come true by being an entrepreneur. 

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