Watch Out San Francisco & Seattle - DC Has Its Own Seafood Wharf!

I have lived in the DMV area since 2006 and I never knew that DC had this hidden gem! I've been to Seattle's famous Pike Place Market and San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf, but never knew DC had its own called the "Maine Avenue Fish Market." Though much smaller compared to Seattle and San Francisco, it was still a pleasant surprise to find right in my own backyard so to speak. 

Maine Avenue Fish Market has been in operation since 1805.  There are probably a dozen or so vendors selling every kind of raw and cooked seafood imaginable!

I absolutely LOVE seafood, so I was like a little kid in a candy store. You see even the "fishy smell" transported me back to my childhood as it brought back memories of growing up fishing with my dad. Then, him cleaning the fish in our kitchen and later frying it up for dinner. I grew up with my family always having a boat and traveling to various lakes in the Midwest to go on family fishing trips. Lobster is my mom's favorite and later become my younger brother's favorite type of seafood. I too have an affinity for it myself!

Lobster, shrimp and Chilean sea bass are probably my top three favorite...besides loving catfish, lake perch and blue gills which are what my family would usually catch.

So while there are a lot of new restaurants in the District Wharf area, I will choose these local seafood vendors any day! 

Maine Avenue Fish Market
1100 Maine Ave SW
Washington, DC  20024
(202) 484-2722

Seafood vendors you'll find:
Captain White's Seafood City
Phone: (202) 484-CRAB or (202) 554-5520
Facebook:  @CaptainWhitesseafood

Jessie Taylor Seafood
Phone: (202) 554-4173
Facebook: @jessie.taylor.seafood

Salt Water Seafood
Phone: (202) 554-2669
Facebook: @freshseafooddaily