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So, if you know me you KNOW I absolutely LOVE a good cocktail! And, vodka is usually my go to libation of choice (next to wine that is!). Well, my sorority sister called me one day to ask if I was going to our cigar lounge to smoke. I told her I was definitely in the mood and almost simultaneously we both said "But, I'm HUNGRY!!"


So after going back and forth about what we each had a taste for, I decided to introduce her to one of my favorite spots in Columbia, MD called "Stanford Grill." It has a great ambiance, delicious food, decent wine list and I think the BEST Peartini in the DMV (that's DC/MD/VA) area! I have NEVER had a bad meal...or drink there. Known for their rotisserie chicken, steaks and a Caesar salad that's to die for, Stanford Grill is a great place for a romantic dinner, girl's/guy's night out, group events and family celebrations! A live jazz trio plays nightly in the dining room. I also hear the hickory grilled tenderloin filet is a big favorite!

My absolute favorite dishes are the: iron skillet corn bread, wood-fired rotisserie chicken, chicken pot pie, and rattlesnake pasta. I no longer eat beef, but when I did the famous "Stanford Cheeseburger" and Famous French Dip sandwich were top notch! That's what my sorority sister had when we went and she loved it! The plate full of skinny, shoestring fries are crispy and delicious! I went with the crispy chicken sandwich but I swamped out the Swiss cheese for my favorite pepper jack cheese; and the brioche baguette for a toasted sesame seed bun.

Stanford's Crispy Chicken Sandwich with Pepper Jack Cheese

Stanford's Crispy Chicken Sandwich with Pepper Jack Cheese

Now, you MUST save room for dessert! I highly recommend the key lime pie and the bread pudding (ask for extra sauce and raspberries). You will definitely take home leftovers because the portions are generous. The entire staff is great - they are definitely customer focused!

Stanford Grill Bread Pudding.jpg

I can't say enough about Stanford Grill other than if you are ever in the area you must make a point to go there.

Stanford Grill
8900 Stanford Blvd.
Columbia, MD 21045

Be sure to call ahead for reservations during peak dinner hours and on the weekends!