SpunkyDiva Diaries Presents "Warrior Diva"

Poem: Warrior Diva

Written by: Laura Moreno-Davis (June 2017)

From my shell one sees petite, beauty and a fine young lady

Yet, no one knows the journey of my life

No one understands the pain of my childhood

No one’s walked a mile in my shoes

A Warrior Diva (has been born)

Neither white, nor black…so what the heck are YOU?

Never am I Latin or Mexican enough

Just a fair skinned olive girl from a Midwest steel town

Before JLo made being Latina “cool”

Before being “exotic” was a hot commodity in high demand

Never fitting in and never feeling good enough

I tried to blend in every which way I could

Looking Hispanic…but sounding black

From hairstyles and how I dressed

To becoming an AKA and the men I chose

A Warrior Diva (has been born)

Empty, insecure and completely lost

Mistake after mistake—all to fill a void

Looking for love in all the wrong places

A father who really wasn’t mine

A mother who’d gone emotionally M-I-A

Family secrets carried to the grave

It took four long painful decades

And eight years of pure and utter hell

Broken down to my raw core ‘til I was almost nothing

A Warrior Diva (has been born)

Abused every which way but by his hands

Yet murdered countless times by his words and deeds

Tongue more deadly than the sharpest of swords

Abandoned, dismissed, disrespected and deceived

Surely nothing good could ever result

From something so destructive and toxic

I mean how much and how long have I really hated myself

To inflict on me so much pain by giving away all my power

But from the pit of hell and bottomless grief

Emerged a totally new me

A Warrior Diva (has been born)

Real strength…Fierce courage

And finally SELF-LOVE

I found ME, myself & I for the first time ever

Able to embrace ALL of me from head to toe

Forgiving myself and letting a lot of stuff go

Gone are the shackles that imprisoned me for so long

Gone are the days and nights of pain & sorrow

Gone are the rivers of tears I cried

Gone are the feelings of deep sadness & loneliness

Gone are the questions of “Am I freaking crazy?!?!”

A Warrior Diva (has been born)

A phoenix has risen from the ashes

Taking my rightful place on this earth

Going forward with new zeal for life

Finally knowing what it feels to be truly happy

Experiencing JOY and PEACE even in my solitude

Grateful for every precious moment from here on out

Enjoying so many new things for the 1st time in my life

Taking nothing for granted and being true to myself

Setting healthy boundaries and learning to say “No”

Shielding my spirit from all that’s unhealthy

Honoring me for the woman I’ve become

A Warrior Diva (has been born)